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                                     AIRTECH'S Frequently Asked Question in Refrigeration:

These FAQs and Answers can help you in Reducing your maintenance & Repair Costs on your Refrigerator.


I punctured a hole on my refrigerator as I was trying to Defrost/Remove Ice using a sharp Object and there was Gas Leakage and now the Fridge won't cool. What should I do? Can it be fixed?

Answer: Yes it can be fixed.It's actually a common problem we have encountered time and time again.                            Firstly,immediately unplug the fridge from its power source. We advice that you fix it if it has Less than Two Holes But if it has more than Two Holes,we recommend that you replace the whole Evaporator.


My fridge won't cool But the light in it is on.What could be the Problem

Answer: A check-up needs to be done to verify if the following items are working correctly;

                             1] Compressor            

                             2] Relay                     4] Gas Leakage and in some cases                         

                             3] Overload               5] Capacitor

If any of the above Electrical Components is faulty,Replacement is mandatory.


My fridge cools But there is Water Dripping so I have to often put a rug/cloth to Absorb the water.What could be wrong?

Answer:  Any of the following could be causing water to Drip;

                        1] Thermostat Failure      

                        2] Heater failure

                        3]Heater sensor failure     4] Drainage Blockage due to lack of Service or Blocked by an Object.

If the above Electrical components are not checked on time,as soon as the problem is noticed,then there will arise a bigger problem like but not limited to;                                                                                                                                                                                      1] Fridge Compartment not cooling                                                                                                                                         2] Compressor Overheating and eventually it will shut down.


I have a Double-door Fridge.The Freezer part is working properly BUT the fridge compartment doesn't cool. What could be the Issue?

Answer: 1] There is a Component between the Freezer and the Fridge Compartment called a Dumper. It opens and closes. If it doesn't open,the fridge part will not cool because cold air from the freezer will be blocked.

              2] Fan motor could be faulty and also you can refer to the answers on the question above.


My fridge is working fine But no light.

Answer:  1] It could be an Electrical fault or

                2] The Bulb is faulty or             3] The Bulb Switch is Faulty.



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